MVO Building Projects

The Tim Russell Community Medical Clinic

The MVO is also working as development partners with Educaring Africa (an Australian not-for-profit organisation) on their initiative to build The Tim Russell Community Medical Clinic. The construction phase of the project began in 2016.
The private clinic is based in Chizula Village, Monkey Bay and will provide free healthcare to three surrounding villages of Chizula, Nangoma and Namakoma. The clinic will service up to 40 local villages, none of whom currently have easy access to local medical facilities apart from the Monkey Bay Government Hospital, which is located more than 20km away from Chizula. The clinic will provide affordable healthcare and pharmaceuticals to local people and will be staffed daily by a clinician, two nurses, one HIV/AIDS treatment and counselling clinician, a pharmacist and a receptionist. MVO medical volunteers will also regularly rotate through the centre to assist in providing treatments and health talks.

Initial services are included in the design and physical construction of the project is due to be completed by July 2018. Plans are also currently being discussed to expand the clinic to include a maternity wing. Educaring Africa and MVO is projecting for the centre to be open and operational shortly after the building is completed, as it continues to raise final funds for finishing and fitting works.

Please consider contributing towards our efforts by donating to #Build4Tim. Zikomo Kwambiri! (Thank you very much!)

Nursery School or Day Care Centres

The Day Care Centres (also known as Nursery Schools) provide basic Nursery or Pre-school learning facilities - including an introduction to English Language skills, socialising and playing experiences and at least one regular meal of Nsima (a traditional Malawian maize dish) each day. The centres cater for local pre-school age children, many of whom live with extended family members after having lost one or both Parents.

The MVO run Community Based Child Cares Centres at Chilombo and Balamanja and construction on another Centre in Nag’oma well under way. Our goal is to build as many as 10 more Centres by 2020. In order to reach our goal we are looking for volunteers who are skilled in any of the following areas: bricklayers, labourers, electricians, plumbers, roofing specialists and carpenters. We would always welcome the expertise of engineers, architects and draftsmen plus anyone else who has ideas or experience in the construction industry. If you can hammer a nail or turn a screw you can help with the build too.

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