The MVO projects

Projects are the lifeblood of MVO - they are what we do day to day to help Malawi. Depending on your interest, skills and experience you may choose any one of the projects listed below.

We are flexible and you can get involved with as much as you like once you are out there, but you'll need to focus on one of the following as your main activity:

Teaching Volunteers

Schools in Malawi are seriously under-funded, meaning very little resources (text books, classroom equipment) and huge numbers of students to very few teachers.

We currently work with two schools, Mtakataka and Monkey Bay. Both schools are primary schools but the age ranges up to 18 years old because many students are forced out of school because of poverty or failure to pass a year. Teaching here is challenging, but highly rewarding, and you will make friends for life!

Medical Volunteers

Our medical projects attract qualified health professionals as well as jobs suitable for students and people with some experience in First Aid.

MVO volunteers work at Monkey Bay hospital and help run a wound and minor injuries clinic in Mtakataka. They also run outreach sessions in local villages and help train local women to become home based care (HBC) champions.

Sport & Community Volunteers

Sports volunteers help coach teams in the local schools, organise matches and tournaments and give great hope and happiness to hundreds of children and young adults. The main sports are football and netball, but if you are passionate about something we will welcome it!

In the mornings, you will be working with the community, in particular with two local Child Care Centres, also known as Nursery Schools and you will be able to help give young people the best possible start in life.

Building Projects

MVO has recently started up a new project stream – Building & Construction. We have commenced building a second Nursery School in Nag’oma and construction is going well. Our goal is to build 10 structures by 2019. In order to reach our goal we are looking for volunteers who are skilled in the following areas: bricklayers, labourers, electricians, plumbers, roofing specialists and carpenters. We would always welcome the expertise of engineers, architects and draftsmen plus anyone else who has ideas or experience in the construction industry.

One Volunteer One Homestead Volunteers

This project is designed for short term volunteers (staying for 14 days and less). Make an immediate life changing impact for an entire family homestead by installing a solar light system and working with the family for the duration of your stay to improve their lives. Work on Malaria prevention through mosquito net installation and spraying as well as planting small vegetable gardens in the homestead. Many volunteers have only a short stay opportunity and this project maximizes the long term real impact of such short volunteer periods.

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