About the Malawi Volunteer Organisation

The Malawi Volunteer Organisation (MVO) was established by myself - Francis Njanje, a native Malawian. The MVO is incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in Malawi. I have worked in the tourism and volunteer segment of the economy for the last eleven years.

Through my association with other organisations I realised the need to establish a Malawi based volunteer placement organisation that had greater understanding of the local needs and acted in a very personal manner to give you, the volunteer, a greater control over your voluntary work you do in Malawi.

It has been a real pleasure to meet so many fantastic volunteers from all over the world, to see the work they do truly benefit Malawi, and to see them grow and learn throughout their experience.

To date over 1000 volunteers have worked with MVO, and I sincerely hope you will also consider coming to join our friendly team here, and seeing all the beauty, friendship and happiness that Malawi has to offer. We could really use your help.

Please take a minute to see our projects page and also read some of the testimonials of other volunteers who have worked with us.  If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help!  Please visit the Contact page for more information.

Zikomo kwambiri

Francis Njanje
Director, MVO

Contact Details

Telephone:  +265 888 67 10 93
Email:  info@malawivolunteering.org
Website:  www.malawivolunteering.org
 Facebook:  Malawi Volunteer Organisation
Twitter:  @MVOMalawi

 Namakoma VG Monkey Bay,
      PO Box 101,
      Mangochi, Malawi