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The Malawi Volunteer Organisation (MVO) provides the local Malawian Community with support in the these fields: Education, Chidlhood Development, Medical, Nutrician, Finance, Building and Sport.  The MVO is proud to be a 100% Malawian organisation, helping its people move forward with their lives.  Would you like more information about the MVO, perhaps you might like to volunteer or donate some time/money, do you have a question or would you just like to chat?


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Contact Info

  • +265 888 67 10 93

  • Namakoma VG Monkey Bay, PO Box 101, Mangochi, Malawi
  • @MVOMalawi


  • The Malawi Volunteer Organisation (MVO) was established in 2004 as a not-for-profit organisation in Malawi.
  • To date well over 1,000 volunteers have worked with us - you are in safe hands!

Contact Details

Telephone:  +265 888 67 10 93
 Facebook:  Malawi Volunteer Organisation
Twitter:  @MVOMalawi

 Namakoma VG Monkey Bay,
      PO Box 101,
      Mangochi, Malawi